MeetMinnie Magazine Winter 2015/16


TOOLS & MATERIALS: black lace-up heels, black hemp cord, white hemp cord, four brass compression sleeves from plumbing section of hardware store or other brass bead with large center hole

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut six strands of hemp cord a few inches longer than the shoe’s original laces. (We used two strands of black and one strand of white on each shoe, so we cut four strands of black and two strands of white for the entire project.) Step 2: To make the first shoelace, line up three strands and knot at top, leaving a tail about an inch long. Step 3: Braid cord tightly and knot at the end securely, leaving a tail about an inch long. Step 4: Lace shoe. Step 5: Slide brass sleeve onto each shoelace end to cover knot. Step 6: Repeat for other shoe.