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DIY Wire + Star Holiday Ornaments

large star beads (ours are vintage lucite)
black paperclips (we used square clips) or wire
wire cutters (if necessary)

We’ve been looking for a place to use these vintage lucite star beads
for a while, and given our recent obsession with stars (hello, star crowns!)
we thought this holiday project would be the perfect opportunity.

We began with square paperclips, which made this shape easy.
We simply bent up one side of the paper clip, making an “S” shape,
and slipped on the bead. You can experiment with different shapes
by simply using black wire. Our beads fit snugly on the wire, but if
you’d like extra security and have the space, add a bead cap
to the top of the star to hold it in place.
The. Cutest.

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