DIY Spiral Desk Organizer

black 12-gauge craft wire
large bottle, can or other cylindrical object to wrap wire around
wire cutters

We adore this simple DIY piece as an organizer for cards
or other paper goods. When used for storage, it is useful.
When empty and displayed vertically, it is art.

Step 1: Wrap wire several times around large bottle or other sturdy
cylindrical object. Repeat until desired number of coils is reached.
Step 2: Using wire cutters, snip off ends of the wire to create blunt
or rounded edges. Step 3: Carefully remove wire from bottle by gently
pulling apart the spirals. Step 4: Even up spirals for neatness. If you'd
like to further finish off the ends, you may add a bead, cap or even
a silicone-filled bead to the ends. Step 5: Add cards to keep
organizer from rolling, or display vertically until ready for use.

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