How-To: Make a Holiday To-Go Kit

Like many of you, we spend our holidays on the road. We cherish time with family and friends, but sometimes we miss the comforts of home during the holidays. So over the years we’ve learned the importance of packing a holiday to-go kit that captures a bit of home on the road. Here’s how to do it:


Begin with containers you love, that you will use in your home or wardrobe, and roomy enough to hold holiday gifts, hostess gifts and personal items. These needn’t be expensive. Nesting baskets or simple, natural canvas totes work beautifully here and can easily be folded up and stored away when not in use. We love collapsible seagrass baskets for both their versatility and their good looks. A lovely complement to simple (but sometimes boring) luggage.


Travel with a few of your favorite things. Pack inside a warm blanket, cozy slippers, favorite cocoa mix to share, and a trail mix or snack perfectly sized for on-the-go. And don’t forget to make a special holiday playlist for your road trip.


Bring the holidays with you. A tiny tree. Fairy lights. A small family memento. Personal touches go a long way towards helping you capture the holiday spirit, especially if you are staying in a hotel. How about using slouchy collapsible baskets as holiday stockings? They can be hung on hooks, if available, but can also stand on their own, well-suited for tiny treats and sweets. (Editor’s Note: These are a great alternative to traditional holiday stockings even if you are not traveling. Perfect lined up down the center of the dining room table, along the hearth, or left outside bedroom doors on Christmas Eve to be filled by Christmas morning. No chimney required.)


Give thanks. If you are lucky enough to be staying with friends or family during the holidays, remember to show your gratitude for their generosity and hospitality. A simple handwritten note is lovely, but why not get creative? One option is to make a graffiti ornament during your trip and send it to your host after the holidays. We love leaving behind a mini Daruma doll (a traditional Japanese wishing doll used as a good luck charm) with a note explaining its origin and meaning. Daruma dolls make great gifts. The eyes of Daruma are blank so that the owner can fill in one eye with black ink when a wish is made and the other when the wish is fulfilled. Daruma also teaches the importance of determination. They are weighted never to fall down, illustrating the Japanese proverb, “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” A beautiful sentiment for the new year and beyond.

No matter how you travel, we hope you have a great time (away from) home for the holidays! XO

Here are some items to help you get started on your Holiday To-Go Kit:


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