DIY Thumbprint Framed Art

We love the idea of these framed thumbprints (one yours and one from your loved one) to celebrate an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any special day. Perfect illustration of you + me.

TOOLS & MATERIALS: frame with mat, heavyweight art paper, acrylic paint, mounting tape, shallow disposable bowl or dish, scissors, permanent marker or pen (optional)

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Prep work space for painting. Step 2: Add dollop of acrylic paint to shallow disposable bowl or dish. Step 3: Dip thumb in acrylic paint and press thumb straight down onto art paper firmly. Let dry completely. Step 4: If desired, add an initial or special note in permanent marker or pen. Step 5: Cut paper to fit mat and adhere paper to mat with mounting tape. Step 6: Place mat in frame and secure.

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