On the Road: Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

It was a place we'd visited often as kids (the DC location, that is). But as adults we found the atmosphere even more wondrous. Inventiveness. History. Bravery. Design. At every turn. We couldn't begin to capture it. Here are just a few snaps of what caught our eye along the way.

Hello, Blackbird.

The Space Shuttle Discovery.

Its awe-inspiring scale.

Its surface covered in quilted fabric tiles. (In fact, it reminded us of a certain DIY project.)

The glitter of golden satellites.

Geometry in the rafters.

And of course reminiscing about old-school MTV.

Such a fun, inspiring day. If you are in the DC area, you absolutely must go. Bonus? Treat yourself to a showing of Star Wars on the 6-story IMAX screen. Totally worth it.

Air & Space Museum + Astronaut ice cream + Star Wars = an epic Throwback Saturday. That’s a thing, right?

Where have you found unexpected inspiration?

Museum photos by John Musson.