DIY Painted Crop Tops

We love the easygoing style of this boxy crop top. Similar to the quilted crop top we featured in our Winter 2014 issue, these painted sweatshirt tops make the perfect beach coverup or casual weekend layering piece. Thus proving crop tops are a year-round necessity. Yes, really.

TOOLS & MATERIALS: sweatshirts, white fabric paint, paintbrushes, disposable cups, cardboard, water, fabric scissors

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Wash sweatshirt according to instructions on fabric paint. Step 2: Cut off ribbed collar, hem and sleeves from sweatshirt. Step 3: Figure out where to crop sweatshirt and cut a straight line across. Step 4: Place piece of cardboard inside shirt to prevent paint bleeding onto other side. Step 5: Add fabric paint to disposable cup and add water to thin paint to desired consistency. Mix well. Step 6: Load brush with paint and carefully tap brush so that paint spatters all over sweatshirt. Repeat until entire shirt is covered. Step 7: Let dry according to instructions on fabric paint. For best results, hand wash.

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