DIY Mixed Media Bangles

These bangles, with their rectangular shape and clever mix of everyday materials (hello, school supplies!) are unapologetically chic. A must-try.

TOOLS & MATERIALS: pair of cabinet pulls, rubber pencil grips, air dry clay, clay roller, clay cutter

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Find coordinating cabinet pulls that, when joined, fit your wrist comfortably. Step 2: Join ends of cabinet pulls with pencil grips to form bangle. Check for size and adjust as necessary. We went with a rectangular shape for an edgy twist, but you might find a square to be more wearable. Step 3: On protected work surface, roll out small amount of clay using clay roller. Step 4: When clay is fairly thin, use clay cutter to cut a rectangle large enough to cover pencil grip completely. Step 5: Smooth clay onto pencil grip and let dry according to instructions on clay. Step 6: Repeat on other side.

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