DIY Tassel Ballet Flats


With the surprise kick of back tassels, these classic ballet flats have become our go-to shoe. No. Question.

TOOLS & MATERIALS: black ballet flats, 4 black mini tassels, brass compression sleeves from plumbing section of hardware store, needle and thread, fabric glue, black grosgrain ribbon

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Slide brass sleeves onto tassels. Step 2: Tie pairs of tassels together. Step 3: Using needle, feed black thread through top of back of shoe (ours were trimmed in grosgrain, which made this step easier). Step 4: Securely knot thread around tassels above loop. Step 5: Tuck thread ends inside shoe and cut piece of grosgrain to cover and secure thread ends. Step 6: Glue grosgrain to inside of shoe and let dry.

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