MeetMinnie Magazine Winter 2017/18


black 12-gauge craft wire
wide-mouth bottle or empty paper towel roll to wrap wire around
wire cutters
beads, caps or silicone-filled beads (optional)

We love the look of these spiral napkin rings on the holiday table, and they’re so easy you can whip them up last-minute. We used the top of a wide-mouth bottle (in fact, the same one we used for these bottle candleholders) to wrap the wire around. The lip helps the spiral keep its shape and prevents it from slipping off. If you don’t have a bottle like this, an empty paper towel roll would work fine.

Step 1: Wrap wire tightly around the top of bottle 6 or 7 times, ensuring the rows
are lined up tightly. Step 2: Using wire cutters, snip off ends of wire to create
blunt edges. Step 3: Carefully remove wire from bottle by gently pulling apart the spirals so that they loosen enough to go over bottle's lip. Step 4: Even up spirals for neatness. (At this stage you could also add a bead, cap or silicone-filled bead
to the ends for extra security against snags, but we liked the look without.)
Done! See? We told you it was easy.