MeetMinnie Magazine Summer 2017


TOOLS & MATERIALS: 1 yard of fabric rosebud trim, scissors, faux suede tape or sturdy ribbon and fabric glue (optional)

INSTRUCTIONS: A mix of romantic and edgy, this rosebud scarf necklace is as simple as it gets. The rosebud trim we used came attached to a mesh backing. We simply trimmed the mesh around the roses so that it was no longer visible and wore it as is. If, however, you would like a little more structure, simply use fabric glue to attach the rosebud trim to a backing of faux suede tape or sturdy ribbon and let dry according to instructions on fabric glue. We like to wear this necklace a variety of ways (read: the same ways you’d wear a scarf). Both ends hanging down. One end over the shoulder. Around the neck and ends in front. You get the picture. Experiment!