MeetMinnie Magazine Winter 2016/17


TOOLS & MATERIALS: jewelry chain (we used two complementary matte silver chains to match our carabiner link), 6 coordinating large jump rings, 1 carabiner link from hardware store, jewelry pliers

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Determine desired length of necklace. Because of its carabiner link closure, this necklace is designed to be slipped on over the head. Find length that would make that possible and cut shortest of three chains by removing link with pliers. Step 2: Cut next piece of chain slightly longer so that necklace hangs evenly. Step 3: Repeat with final piece of chain, slightly longer than previous length. Step 4: Attach a jump ring to each end of chain using pliers. Step 5: Unscrew carabiner link. Step 6: Add chain to carabiner link by the jump ring starting with longest length, followed by next shorter length, and finally shortest length. Step 7: Repeat in reverse order to attach remaining chain ends to carabiner link. Step 8: Screw together carabiner link to close. Slip on over head and go!