MeetMinnie Magazine Winter 2017/18


springform pan
round craft mirror
mounting putty
tools and hardware for hanging mirror on wall

Don't you love the industrial feel of a springform baking pan? When placed on the wall, it magically transforms into a stylish latched cubby, perfect for holding a small mirror, or to be be used as storage for lightweight objects such as rolled hand towels, napkins, face cloths, artwork, toys, etc.

Step 1: To make the latched porthole mirror, simply hang springform pan on wall. (Our springform pan had an interior groove perfect for propping our craft mirror inside.) Step 2: Place the bottom edge of the mirror inside the lower rim and prop the top edge of the mirror against the back. (For more stability, you may want to add a bit of mounting putty to the back of the top and the bottom edge of the mirror before putting it in place.)

We love the artful look of the angled mirror inside, not to mention the cool reflection it provides. Easy as cake.

*We bought a new springform pan for this project and recommend you do the same. Do not reuse for food purposes after completion of this project.